Marketing Services

SEO, Adwords, Adsense – is it all nonsense to you?  Windridge Web Design can help you navigate not only the web marketing landscape, but also help you with your full marketing spectrum including web, print, radio and TV.  Be sure to ask how we can put together a full marketing plan to compliment your new home on the internet to maximize traffic, reach and ultimately revenue.

Windridge Web Design can put together specific, custom marketing packages for short or long-term goals.  However, we also realize that many small businesses cannot afford a dedicated marketing staff person or don’t do quite enough marketing to even hire a part-time person.  Therefore, Windridge Web Design offers Virtual Marketing Manager plans where we become your marketing staff.

Virtual Marketing Manager Plans

Mini-VMM Plan: 1 hour of dedicated marketing services per week – $250 per month

Full VMM Plan: 1 hour of dedicated marketing services per day – $1,000 per month

Each plan requires a minimum 3-month contract and includes a free initial 1 hour consultation where Windridge Web Design and client go over the current marketing plan, or start to develop one if one doesn’t exist.  Clients get full monthly reports to track results of the various efforts.   Contracts are a minimum of 6 months to make sure the plan has had enough time to be executed and reviewed for results.  Contracts of 12 months and longer are eligible for discount pricing.