The 30 Minute Per Week Free Marketing Plan

The complaint I hear most about social media and marketing these days is, “Who has the time?”  It is up to you to make time.  It doesn’t need to be 3 hours a day on your computer.  I am going to lay out a weekly plan that should take no more than 6 minutes a day, Monday through Friday, that will help you get the most out of your website and generate more visitors (and therefore hopefully more sales).

If you worked with Windridge Web Design for your site, we would have recommended getting a Google account so that you could install Google Analytics on your site.  As you can see from the picture below, Google Analytics gives you a great snapshot of how many people come to your site, how they got there, what pages they looked at and more.

Every Monday, take a few minutes to see how people are getting to your site.  See what search keywords people are using to find you.  Start looking for trends week to week that may help you plan any necessary changes to your site.  Look for pages that are getting a lot of traffic.  Is there something on them that should be on other pages?

Windridge Web Design - Google Analytics

Search Engines like fresh content.  For that reason, it is a good idea to have a blog or Latest News section on your website.  Since you looked at your Analytics on Monday, you should have a good idea of the keywords people are using to find your site.  Take a few minutes to write a blog/news post and be sure to feature some or all of those keywords.

“I don’t know what to write,” you may say.  Give a money saving tip.  Answer a frequently asked question.  Link out to an interesting article your read and give your commentary on it.  Do a Letterman-like Top 10 list.  Don’t think of this as a school term paper.  Posts can be short and sweet.  Just be sure they are relevant and useful.

It is always nice when something you do helps you in more ways than one.  Today’s task does just that.  Maybe you have used Craigslist to buy a futon or sell your old bike.  But Craigslist has a Services section and a Gigs section that can help you find customers.  In addition, you can post your own listing, just like an ad, and post a link to your site.  As we have mentioned before, links to your site are good.  Links from highly trafficked, reputable sites (like Craigslist) are even better.

Check out Craigslist for potential new customers and post your own ad every week (they expire after 7 days).  Be sure to change your ad each week to help test different pitches, specials, keywords, etc.  It also doesn’t hurt to link to a special page on your website built as a dedicated landing page for that ad.  That way you can see exactly how many people went to that page through your analytics.

Join the conversation.  Read some blogs or news stories online about your industry or local area.  Then, comment on them, being sure to put your web address where asked in the form or place it in the body of your comment.  Don’t be salesy in your comment.  Be honest and forthright.  Talk as yourself, not your company.  Be genuine in your comments and try to engage other readers.  If it makes sense, link to a blog or news post you have written for your site.

This will help build links as well as possibly introduce you to new perspective clients.  Not sure where to find relevant posts or stories?  Use Google’s blog search or even to see what folks are saying on Twitter.  Many times those folks are linking to articles.

I am going to refer you to one of the first social media tools created, the phone.  Take the time to call one prior customer each week.  Get some feedback, both positive and negative about his or her experience.  Ask if you can get a testimonial to use on the website.  See if he or she has any potential referrals.  Maybe even offer a referral bonus.

There are a ton of other things you should be trying to do on a weekly basis.  This is just a quick way to use 30 minutes to maximize your website and limited marketing budget.  If you do this for only one week, you may not see any tangible results.  But, stick to this plan for an extended amount of time, and you will see what pieces are truly the most valuable and give you your best ROI.

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