You Should Be on YouTube

Many people think YouTube is for funny videos or news clips you may have missed.  However, celebrating its 5th birthday a few weeks ago, YouTube announced it serves up 2 Billion videos a day.  ComScore has it ranked the 2nd largest search engine out there.  Knowing that, it may be worth your time to put some effort into your YouTube presence.  Don’t have a presence?  Time to get one.

Create an account or use your Google account if you already have one.  Create a channel for your business.  Promote that channel like you would your website.

But what if I don’t have any video?

Many “videos” on YouTube are just still photos with audio (usually MP3) behind it.  Windows Movie Maker is free software that can help you do that.  Use Firefox (which I can’t recommend enough) and use the add-on Capture Fox to record your voice while it also records what is on your computer screen.  This is ideal for tutorials, FAQ’s, demonstrations and more.

YouTube is much more than Diet Coke and Mentos videos.  Used properly, it can become a big part of your marketing arsenal.

Not sure where to start?  Contact Windridge Web Design to help you get rolling.

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